Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Actistraw?
Actistraw is a simple, effective and widely available solution to improve water quality and safety. It is an alternative to filter jugs and filter bottles. You can always have it with you - in your purse, at work, on the go. In addition, isotonic, electrolyte or vitamin straws contain compounds necessary for the proper functioning of the body - the filter allows the administration of vitamins and minerals in pure form, without the addition of anti-caking substances, flavors or dyes.
Why is it worth drinking water through Actistraw?
Just drinking water is not enough to properly hydrate the body. Actistraw forces you to drink the drink slowly, which is very beneficial for the proper hydration of the body.
What does the filter in the straw do / what is its role / how does it work?
The main component in the filter is activated carbon, which can bind a huge amount of impurities, improve the taste, color and smell of the purified water; also has antibacterial properties. In addition, the filter is a mechanical barrier - it stops contaminants such as sand, insects (wasps) and other residues that may occur in drinks. Actistraw in the isotonic and vitamin version contains only substances that our body needs. The filter allows you to put vitamins, minerals, flavors, so it does not contain artificial fillers, anti-caking agents, dyes and preservatives.
What was the Actistraw straw designed for?
The straw was created for convenience, for health, for the environment, and also to enjoy a better, natural taste of the drinks consumed.
What material is the straw / filter made of?
The components of Actistraw (straw / filter) are made of biodegradable materials, mainly paper. Our goal is to reduce plastic and care for the natural environment.
Is the straw biodegradable?
Yes, for the sake of our environment and our future, the straw is biodegradable.
Is the Actistraw straw only suitable for drinking water?
The straws can be used for water, drinks and also milk. However, it should be remembered that the filter slows down the drinking flow of the drink, so it is not suitable for drinking cloudy and concentrated liquids.
Can I drink juices with fruit particles or clear juices through the Actistraw straw?
Juices that are clear or containing fruit particles should not be consumed through Actsitraw, as they can clog the filter and prevent consumption of the drink.
How many straws are in the box / what is their durability?
As standard, the package includes 5 straws - each for one day.
Can the straw be reused / repeatedly?
Actistraw can be used several times, because thanks to the use of a special natural impregnation it is more resistant to water than standard paper straws. However, remember about the correct use of the straw: after the drink has been drunk through the straw, it must be drained to be able to use again.
What is the lifetime of the straw / filter?
As standard, the filter contains enough activated carbon to filter approx. 1 liter of water.
Does the presence of a filter change the taste of the drink consumed?
Actistraw with activated carbon does not change the taste of the drink consumed. However, isotonic, vitamin or electrolyte straws contain compounds that can change the taste, which is a natural consequence of using the Actistraw.