Straw with active filter

Paper, fully biodegradable straw for drinking water, drinks, juices and milk.
One piece filters up to two liters.

1. Activated Carbon

Characterized by a very large adsorption surface, therefore it can bind a huge amount of impurities, thus improving the taste, color and smell of purified water.

Safe, ecological and widely used compound in medicine, cosmetics and industry.

2. Mechanical filter

0.2 mm diameter holes stops dirt such
as sand, insects (wasps) and other residues that may occur in water,
milk or drinks.



It is the world’s first simple, effective and widely available solution
to improve the quality and safety of your favorite drinks.


You can use one straw at the same time for water, juices, drinks and milk. All day long!


It has never been so cheap and available. For only …. you have min. 2 liters of clean drinking water throughout the day!


Ask in shops, bars, restaurants
or buy directly on


You do not have to invest in expensive systems, jugs, replace filters or modernize your water supply system. You do not have to carry bottles with water or drinks. Just ACTISTRAW – straw with an active filter.

Health and Safety

We know how you value the safety and health of both you and your loved ones. Limiting undesirable compounds and impurities is worth using ACTISTRAW.


Active carbon limits, among others chlorine compounds and undesirable odors. 
By drinking water and drinks through ACTISTRAW you can enjoy better,
natural taste, aroma and purity.


Use ACTISTRAW when drinking tap water, water from unknown sources,
clear juices, drinks or milk. On the move, in hotels, bars, restaurants –
especially when you use ice cubes.

Want to care for the line
and well-being?

Drink a lot of water in the best quality! Water is essential for the proper functioning of the whole organism. It also speeds up the metabolism, which is why it helps maintain the right line. 

Thanks to ACTISTRAW you can be sure that you drink clean and fresh water. In addition, the active carbon filter does not eliminate the necessary minerals contained in the water, 

so it fulfills all its functions. 

Remember! Well-being is a well-hydrated organism!

Drink trough a filter straw!

Drink only through a filter straw, a safe ACTI straw.
Ensure comfort, health and safety.

Product protected by patent law. Designed and produced in Poland.
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